Real Names – Pierre Estienne / Dave Durbach / Paul Waxon


Country – Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style – Kwaito / House


Why are they important?

Dedicated crate diggers and cataloguers of South Africa’s forgotten electronic music archive, and DJ combo extraordinaire, Kwaitour comprises seasoned selectors: DJ Okapi, Paul Waxon and Pierre Estienne. Their performances resurrect the early, effervescent bass rhythms of township bubblegum, expertly melded with its modern descendents: kwaito and house, for a new audience eager to contextualize the global afrohouse explosion.


Why have we booked them?

Kwaitour is a veritable musical dream team for us. Paul Waxon, DJ Okapi and Pierre Estienne take listeners on a multi-dimensional view of the South African sounds that have played such a huge part in their careers – past and present. Bubblegum masters, Kwaito connoisseurs and the finest South African funk and soul purveyors. We can’t wait!


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to Pierre Estienne’s Kwaitour Mix:


Watch DJ Okapi’s Boiler Room set:


And check out Paul Waxon on Mixcloud: