Real Names – David Lawrence Dix & Cassiem Latief


Country – Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style – House


Why is are they important?

Collecting the disparate strands of Cape Town’s dance diaspora under one roof every month is no mean feat, but the WeHouseSundays monthly has emerged as the flagship event for the city’s house music culture. This has largely been as a result of the tireless work of Cassiem Latief and Lawrence Dix, who, with partner Leighton Moody have curated an institution that celebrates the inclusivity inherent in the roots of house. Hailing from Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively, and both DJs of reputation and expertise, their knowledge and love of the genre engenders fanatical devotion from their audiences and ensures the respect of the artform is alive and well.


Why have we booked them?

Separately Dix and Cassiem are torchbearers of the Cape Town house music and between them they curate spaces like Colourbox and True Music and are the spearheads rebind the We House Sundays movements.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes:

Check out Lawrence Dix’ mix for WeHouseSundays:


Also listen to Cassiem Latief’s resident mix: