Real Name – Natalie-Rose Perel


Country – Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style – Electronica /House / Techno


Why is she important?

The complex infusions of bass and melody that percolate through the post-glitch landscapes of Rose Bonica belie her status as a relative newcomer to music production. Mentored by Big Space, her co-label head at Wet Dreams Recordings, her sound carries a maturity and confidence that sets her apart from her contemporaries and promises much for future releases to come.


Why have we booked her?

It’s strange to think of a time that Nat Perel aka Rose Bonica wasn’t known for her music production, because it quite quickly became such an organic fit for her. Her process, sound and aesthetic are refreshing and honest – raw, unapologetic and straight to the point. She is definitely one to watch in years ahead.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Check out her debut EP ‘Rosy Disposition’:


Watch the music video of our favourite track: