Real Name - Gerd Janson


Country - Germany, Frankfurt


Music Style - House


Why is he important?

As a DJ, producer, writer, one-time record store worker and owner of the respected Running Back label, Gerd Janson straddles every aspect of the dance music firmament. Although known for his somewhat irreverent attitude, he plays with a reverence for history, his selections plotting a timeline of club music from its dusty analogue past to its stripped back digital future. In the studio, his production alias Tuff City Kids reinforces this approach, with a string of classic, rave-heavy releases to their name.


Why have we booked him?

The closing set at CTEMF has been 6 years of hallowed ground. An exclamation mark on the incredible sets that have come before it. This year there is no better pick than Gerd Janson - a supreme DJ who exemplifies the ethos and style of CTEMF. Gerd’s flawless mission at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt and rise as one of the most respected producers and DJ’s in the world closes CTEMF 2018 on a journey of house music through the ages.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to his newest release:



Our favourite track:



Also watch his Boiler Room set at Sugar Mountain 2018:




Real NameRagnhild Lafon


Country - France, Paris


Music Style - Electro / Techno


Why is she important?

As resident and agitator for the Barbi(e)turix and Wet For Me events at the famous Moulin Rouge, RAG is a catalyst within the Parisian queer electro underground. A regular at French festival institutions like Les Nuits Sonores and a collaborator alongside names like Peaches, Kim-Ann Foxman and Chloé, her non-conformist sets contrast the dark energy of electro with warm hues of house and techno.


Why have we booked her?

Playing her trade and strongly holding down her love for electro and pride for her community in Paris, and alongside French legends week in week out at Festivals like Nuits Sonores and clubs like La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, RAG's minimal and deep house sets are as vibrant as her collective, which proudly represents the queer electro scene of Paris through her ongoing party Wet For Me!


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to her latest set:



Our favourite set:




Real Name - Job Jobse


Country - Netherlands, Amsterdam


Music Style - House / Disco / Techno


Why is he important?

Picking his moves as well as he picks his records has seen Job Jobse’s profile increase exponentially in the last 5 years. Moving quickly from a short stint in the Innervisions label office through to handling bookings at Amsterdam’s legendary Trouw nightclub, Job is now resident at its successor: De School, where his panoramic sets encompass everything from electro & Italodisco rarities to emotive house and techno cuts.


Why have we booked him?

Electronic music has for years been innovated and held down strong in Amsterdam, but arguably over the last 2 years has really come to the forefront as one of the most exciting in the world, influencing the culture with festivals like Dekmantel and artists like Job Jobse. The internet is absolutely littered with his superb mixes from some of the best radio stations, festivals and online platforms. His taste is impeccable and he’s been on our wish list for the last 3 years.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Watch Job Jobse's Boiler Room set at Dekmantel Festival:



Our favourite set:




Real Name - Artur & Batish


Country - Ukraine, Kiev


Music Style - Electro / Techno


Why are they important?

Thanks to a string of highly charted releases Artur and Batish have launched themselves out of their hometown of Kiev onto the international circuit with impressive velocity. Redefining a big room tech house sound, whilst retaining their underground ethos has led to considerable interest from the major players at labels like Diynamic and Suara and Artbat stand poised to accelerate their breakout success in the months to come.


Why have we booked them?

Artbat are set to layer CTEMF in a sound which is a stark contrast to the clinical, cold city which come from in the Ukraine. Their driving, melodic and considered techno productions are perfect for a Friday night closer.

It’s been a running trend at CTEMF that the new kids on the block arrive and blow everyone out the water. We’re pretty confident Artbat is no exception.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to their newest release:



Our favourite track:





We’re thrilled to announce that CTEMF is taking over the main stage at Bazique Festival with a host of incredible local and international acts, including Berlin’s own keinemusik darling &ME.


Set to take place only an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town, the brand new Bazique venue is set between a sprawling pine forest and picturesque lake in the Grabouw mountains. The perfect place for DJ-producer and keinemusik co-founder &ME to make his debut in SA.


We’ve curated a powerful line-up for the occasion and can’t wait for André (&ME) to stamp his characteristic Afro-Tech and House sound on the local scene. Productions of his like Avalon, The Rapture, Shadows, Woods, After Dark, and his remix of Vermillion, originally by Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons, are all killer examples of what he brings to the stage.


Bazique will be spread across 3 days and 6 stages with 50 local and 7 international acts, thanks to the hard work and collaboration of some of the top outdoor festival organisers in South Africa, including CTEMF, Wolfkop Weekender, Diskotekah, Sexy Groovy Love, Pop Bottles, plus a major UK counterpart.

For more about the festival watch the video below and don’t forget to buy your tickets! Available at Nutickets.






Real Name - Sherard Ingram


Country - From USA, Detroit / Based in Germany, Berlin


Music Style - Detroit Techno


Why is he important?

The history of Detroit techno is steeped in tradition and myth, and there is no better exemplar of this than DJ Stingray. Schooled in the art of djing by Kenny Dixon Jnr, and picked to tour with the legendary Drexciya ensemble, Stingray’s sub-aquatic techno transmissions command respect whether he’s playing for a hometown assembly of techno royalty or festival audiences worldwide.


Why have we booked him?

Every year there is an act at CTEMF that we’re all a little bit selfish about by wanting to tick off our own bucket lists. DJ Stingray is that artist. He exemplifies a massive part of the CTEMF sound. No mess, no fuss, straight up Stingray313.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Watch DJ Stingray's Boiler Room set at Dekmantel Festival:



Our favourite track:




Real Name - Samuel Geiser


Country - Switzerland, Bern


Music Style - House / Techno


Why is he important?

Like his native Switzerland, Deetron occupies a genre-neutral position as he oscillates effortlessly between house, disco and techno records in his kaleidoscopic DJ sets. A prolific producer of everything from house jack-jams to elegant techno soundscapes, his early love of hip hop informs not only this output but also his turntablist approach to live performance.


Why have we booked him?

We worked with Pro Helvetia (the Swiss Arts Council) to make sure that Deetron added South Africa as a stop on his world tour this year. He is a master turntablist, producer and selector and audiences will have the rare opportunity of seeing him perform between three turntables! We are so proud to be hosting him.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Deetron's DJ set at Ray-Ban x Boiler Room in Madrid:


Our favourite track:




Real Name - Greg J. Boussard


Country - USA, Los Angeles


Music Style - Hip-Hop / Electronic / Old School / Rap / Dance


Why is he important?

Original West Coast innovator, Uncle Jamm’s Army recruit and pharaoh of the 808, Egyptian Lover’s output is an freaky infusion of p-funk, hip hop and classic electro antiquities. Relentlessly anti-digital, his all analogue performances on decks and drum machines channel the raw essence of an early hip hop show for a modern audience eager to immerse themselves in the history of his electronic artform.


Why have we booked him?

We saw Egyptian Lover play at the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia last year and he blew our minds! His DJ sets are a perfect blend of where classic hip-hop, funk and electro  meet, added to exhilarating moments created by skillful scratching and when he stops to drop some of his own lines. He was the best act at the festival and we knew then that we had to have play at CTEMF.


Recommended Links

Uncle Jamm's Army: Pioneers of the Modern Party:




Or read Red Bull's article about 7 things you should know about Egyptian Lover.



Real Name - Michael Amato


Country - France, Grenoble


Music Style - Techno / Electroclash


Why is he important?

The Hacker has been a constant throughout two decades of the French electro renaissance. Partnering early in the new millennium with Miss Kittin, and releasing a influential stream of dark, synth driven new wave techno ever since on labels like Correspondant and his own Zone imprint, Michel Amato eschews popular trends to concentrate on bringing audiences the best of past, present and future in his panoramic, pitch black DJ sets.


Why we booked him?

Hacker travelled to South Africa previously where he played both in Cape Town and Jo’burg.  When we hosted a CTEMF floor at the Reunion Island festival Electropicales last year, we saw him play again. His performance was electrifying and he worked the crowd effortlessly exploring the roots of
techno and the various sounds it has evolved into. We were amazed at his
ability to seamlessly move between sounds and were reminded about how incredible
he is. In Cape Town we have not heard many acts like him. Because of this, it’s a treat for local audiences every time he comes down.


Our favourite tracks and sets

The Hacker playing at The Lab in Sydney:



Also check out his Boiler Room DJ Set here:




We are proud to announce that Rampa will be flying down to Cape Town to take over the decks at Reset. on 3 November, for one night at CTEMF Connect.  


Real Name - Gregor Sütterlin


Country - Germany (based in Berlin)


Music Style - Deep House / Techno


Why is he important?

Over the last 8 years, German DJ-producer RAMPA has made a name for himself around the world with his productions and record label, Keinemusik, as well as numerous other projects and collaborations. Recently, he played B2B with Black Coffee at the legendary Hï Ibiza.


Far more than your average label, Keinemusik is a crew of like-minded DJs, producers and friends, the core of which is made up of RAMPA, &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer, Reznik and Monja.


A veteran of the Berlin underground music scene, RAMPA has a signature sound that adds authenticity and an analogue touch to a largely synthetic genre. Over the past few years he has drawn local audiences to his music through his affinity for intelligent afro-infused house and techno.


Why we booked him?

At Keinemusik Open Air in Berlin last year we heard RAMPA play an incredible set and knew immediately that we needed to book him.

For him to bring the vibe from Berlin's unique nightlife scene to Cape Town is going to be an unforgettable event, especially at Reset.


Our favourite tracks and sets

Listen to Rampa's release on Innervisions:


And check out his Boiler Room DJ Set here: