We’re thrilled to announce that CTEMF is taking over the main stage at Bazique Festival with a host of incredible local and international acts, including Berlin’s own keinemusik darling &ME.


Set to take place only an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town, the brand new Bazique venue is set between a sprawling pine forest and picturesque lake in the Grabouw mountains. The perfect place for DJ-producer and keinemusik co-founder &ME to make his debut in SA.


We’ve curated a powerful line-up for the occasion and can’t wait for André (&ME) to stamp his characteristic Afro-Tech and House sound on the local scene. Productions of his like Avalon, The Rapture, Shadows, Woods, After Dark, and his remix of Vermillion, originally by Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons, are all killer examples of what he brings to the stage.


Bazique will be spread across 3 days and 6 stages with 50 local and 7 international acts, thanks to the hard work and collaboration of some of the top outdoor festival organisers in South Africa, including CTEMF, Wolfkop Weekender, Diskotekah, Sexy Groovy Love, Pop Bottles, plus a major UK counterpart.

For more about the festival watch the video below and don’t forget to buy your tickets! Available at Nutickets.






Real Name - Sherard Ingram


Country - From USA, Detroit / Based in Germany, Berlin


Music Style - Detroit Techno


Why is he important?

The history of Detroit techno is steeped in tradition and myth, and there is no better exemplar of this than DJ Stingray. Schooled in the art of djing by Kenny Dixon Jnr, and picked to tour with the legendary Drexciya ensemble, Stingray’s sub-aquatic techno transmissions command respect whether he’s playing for a hometown assembly of techno royalty or festival audiences worldwide.


Why have we booked him?

Every year there is an act at CTEMF that we’re all a little bit selfish about by wanting to tick off our own bucket lists. DJ Stingray is that artist. He exemplifies a massive part of the CTEMF sound. No mess, no fuss, straight up Stingray313.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Watch DJ Stingray's Boiler Room set at Dekmantel Festival:



Our favourite track:




Real Name - Samuel Geiser


Country - Switzerland, Bern


Music Style - House / Techno


Why is he important?

Like his native Switzerland, Deetron occupies a genre-neutral position as he oscillates effortlessly between house, disco and techno records in his kaleidoscopic DJ sets. A prolific producer of everything from house jack-jams to elegant techno soundscapes, his early love of hip hop informs not only this output but also his turntablist approach to live performance.


Why have we booked him?

We worked with Pro Helvetia (the Swiss Arts Council) to make sure that Deetron added South Africa as a stop on his world tour this year. He is a master turntablist, producer and selector and audiences will have the rare opportunity of seeing him perform between three turntables! We are so proud to be hosting him.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Deetron's DJ set at Ray-Ban x Boiler Room in Madrid:


Our favourite track:




Real Name - Greg J. Boussard


Country - USA, Los Angeles


Music Style - Hip-Hop / Electronic / Old School / Rap / Dance


Why is he important?

Original West Coast innovator, Uncle Jamm’s Army recruit and pharaoh of the 808, Egyptian Lover’s output is an freaky infusion of p-funk, hip hop and classic electro antiquities. Relentlessly anti-digital, his all analogue performances on decks and drum machines channel the raw essence of an early hip hop show for a modern audience eager to immerse themselves in the history of his electronic artform.


Why have we booked him?

We saw Egyptian Lover play at the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia last year and he blew our minds! His DJ sets are a perfect blend of where classic hip-hop, funk and electro  meet, added to exhilarating moments created by skillful scratching and when he stops to drop some of his own lines. He was the best act at the festival and we knew then that we had to have play at CTEMF.


Recommended Links

Uncle Jamm's Army: Pioneers of the Modern Party:




Or read Red Bull's article about 7 things you should know about Egyptian Lover.



Real Name - Michael Amato


Country - France, Grenoble


Music Style - Techno / Electroclash


Why is he important?

The Hacker has been a constant throughout two decades of the French electro renaissance. Partnering early in the new millennium with Miss Kittin, and releasing a influential stream of dark, synth driven new wave techno ever since on labels like Correspondant and his own Zone imprint, Michel Amato eschews popular trends to concentrate on bringing audiences the best of past, present and future in his panoramic, pitch black DJ sets.


Why we booked him?

Hacker travelled to South Africa previously where he played both in Cape Town and Jo’burg.  When we hosted a CTEMF floor at the Reunion Island festival Electropicales last year, we saw him play again. His performance was electrifying and he worked the crowd effortlessly exploring the roots of
techno and the various sounds it has evolved into. We were amazed at his
ability to seamlessly move between sounds and were reminded about how incredible
he is. In Cape Town we have not heard many acts like him. Because of this, it’s a treat for local audiences every time he comes down.


Our favourite tracks and sets

The Hacker playing at The Lab in Sydney:



Also check out his Boiler Room DJ Set here:




We are proud to announce that Rampa will be flying down to Cape Town to take over the decks at Reset. on 3 November, for one night at CTEMF Connect.  


Real Name - Gregor Sütterlin


Country - Germany (based in Berlin)


Music Style - Deep House / Techno


Why is he important?

Over the last 8 years, German DJ-producer RAMPA has made a name for himself around the world with his productions and record label, Keinemusik, as well as numerous other projects and collaborations. Recently, he played B2B with Black Coffee at the legendary Hï Ibiza.


Far more than your average label, Keinemusik is a crew of like-minded DJs, producers and friends, the core of which is made up of RAMPA, &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer, Reznik and Monja.


A veteran of the Berlin underground music scene, RAMPA has a signature sound that adds authenticity and an analogue touch to a largely synthetic genre. Over the past few years he has drawn local audiences to his music through his affinity for intelligent afro-infused house and techno.


Why we booked him?

At Keinemusik Open Air in Berlin last year we heard RAMPA play an incredible set and knew immediately that we needed to book him.

For him to bring the vibe from Berlin's unique nightlife scene to Cape Town is going to be an unforgettable event, especially at Reset.


Our favourite tracks and sets

Listen to Rampa's release on Innervisions:


And check out his Boiler Room DJ Set here:



Dear Media and Friends of The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival,

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) has today revealed it’s dates for the 2018 edition of the festival which will take place in Cape Town from 6-8 April 2018.
The festival will no longer be held in the first week of February, instead the 7thedition of CTEMF will be held over the first week in April 2018.

In addition to the festival’s new dates, CTEMF also announced plans to expand their satellite events to Durban for the very first time with CTEMF events taking place in Durban and Johannesburg on the 6th and 7th April 2018 respectively.

As always CTEMF will hosts a three-day series of free workshops and showcases where industry luminaries from around the world cross paths with South Africa's established and up-and-coming talents to share stories, skills and insights. The expansive 3-day workshop programme will take place at various locations around Cape Town from 3rd - 5th April 2018.

CTEMF 2018 Dates:
  • CTEMF 2018 Festival — 6th - 8th April 2018
  • CTEMF 2018 Workshops — 3rd - 5th April 2018
  • CTEMF 2018 Johannesburg Satellite Event  — 7th April 2018


Photo by Jonathan Ferriera





It all started when Red Bull Studios and CTEMF met up with Capitec Bank, who were looking for a way to start engaging with, and contributing to, the South African music industry.

CTEMF suggested that Capitec choose three artists who performed at CTEMF 2017, in three different scenes, all with one thing in common - mercurial talent.

The three selected artists, Stab Virus, Zaki Ibrahim and Bruce Loko. would then be cast as themselves in a series of short films.

After that Capitec were in the process of making an advert that needed music. We suggested that Zaki Ibrahim write the lyrics for the track, while Bruce Loko and Stab Virus would create remixes.

The result? The Live Better EP.


You can listen to the tracks (click the downward arrow on the right to download) and watch the short films below.






We are very excited to be hosting Pierre-Marie Oullion, artistic director of Nuits Sonores Festival at our CTEMF workshop.

We had a chat with him to find out a bit more about him and why he is coming up to CTEMF.


Pierre can you tell us a bit about your role at Nuits Sonores?


As part of the founding team of the festival, I am in charge nowadays of the artistic team of Nuits Sonores and for all our other activity.

Nuits sonores is more than a festival now, we built a cultural venue, an agency, a forum and we organise events across the planet.

I coordinate the team and I would say that my job is nearly the same as Chief Editor in the media field. With my partner I try to build some artistic guidelines, storytelling in all our proposition. I also intend to connect all our content to all range of production and services.

My job is really relevant with a high perception the global and artistic context. It is important to understand the new habit and where our society goes. To propose some surprising, sharp and newcomer artist you must known very well your territory and at the same time the strong artistic flux that crossing your time.


We are bringing you up to share some of your knowledge at our workshop at Langa, but also coming to watch some South African artists perform at CTEMF. Do you know of any South African artists at all?


I knew a little bit of Kwaito style, Shanghaan Electro. The seventies’ South African music is really amazing. But the new scene, that mixing those influences with house music has become stronger here than in Europe. Like Black Coffee, Culoe or Dj Mujawa, Ben Sharpa etc...

South African music for me is part of the Black Atlantic genre: a music that travels the ocean to South and North America!


Have you ever been to Cape Town? Have you heard anything about the music scene in South Africa?


It will be my first time I expect a lot of surprises and a lot of digging.


Can you tell us about your other projects ‘EuropeanLab’ and ‘We Are Europe’?


Both projects are born from this idea that cultural change making is the way to create a missing European identity.

Europe is a unique peace territory and brings us in a strong era of exchange.

Those project are finally about how we could change the cultural face of EU and how the youth is bringing some great reflections about the future.


Pierre-Marie is going to be  talking at our Langa workshop on the 9th of February 2017.



The Electronic Ecosystem


The Association For Electronic Music is a non-profit trade association created to represent the interests of companies and individuals in Electronic Dance Music. Representative from AFEM, Kavir Magan will be joined by Pierre-Marie Oullion, from Lyon based music festival Nuits Sonores (brought to us by IFAS) and Jesler Amerins from ADE. They’ll chat about the global electronic music industry and the role South Africa has to play, before answering questions on the topic.

We would like to thank IFAS (Institut Francais - South Africa) for bringing our Pierre-Marie and allowing us to grow as a festival, they have always been great to us and we look forward to growing the scene further with them. IFAS Aims to promote cultural and intellectual links between South Africa and France and this is a beautiful example of just that.




CTEMF & Sexy Groovy Love had the opportunity to ask the brothers some questions :

Hi Sven & Lars! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us. This is the first time you will be performing in SA. Do you have any expectations or ideas surrounding the electronic music scene here in South Africa?

Monkey Safari: We are really looking forward to our first time in South Africa. We don’t know much about the scene but expect fresh people who are hungry for electronic music! 


Do you have a favourite South African artist or track?

Monkey Safari: There’s too much great music out of there for us to have a favourite artist or track. 


We’ve always wanted to know... where does the name Monkey Safari come from?

Monkey Safari: We’d tell you, but we’d have to kill you. 


You have been lucky enough to work with a number of diverse & talented artists from around the world. Which artists have personally inspired your sound?

Monkey Safari: There is not one particular artist that has inspired our sound. Most of our inspiration comes from parties and the impressions we get from touring all over the world. Of course, when we started, there were some artists who we found interesting and perhaps even inspiring. Guys like Chemical Brothers, early Fat Boy Slim, Âme, Daft Punk and many more.   


If you were animals, would you be monkeys? Or is there another animal that suits you better?

Monkey Safari : Sven is a good jumper and needs a lot of pockets because all of his pockets and bags are always full, so we think a Kangaroo fits him perfectly. Lars would be an Emperor Tamarin.


You have played at many incredible venues and festivals across the globe. What are 2 of the most memorable festivals or parties you’ve ever played at, and why?

Monkey Safari: For years now we have been touring Australia and once a year we play at Revolver in Melbourne. It’s one of the most impressive places in the world. Totally different to any other club combined with a great vibe and people from another dimension.

The second one is a festival in the US (we won’t name names) in the middle of nowhere—a few-hour drive from the nearest airport. The promoter forgot to arrange a driver for us. No one was available on their mobile, so we took a taxi ourselves to this festival. We arrived five minutes before the gig after a four-hour taxi drive trough the desert and it looked and felt like paradise. After the show we had a wild road trip back to the airport and returned to Germany really destroyed but happy in a strange way.

Tell us a little about the Guy Gerber remix of your track “Walls” - how did this come about?

Monkey Safari: There actually isn’t a huge story behind it. We love Guy’s music and his label Rumours, so we asked him to do the remix. He liked our song “Walls” and did the third remix for the record in addition to Josh Wink and Moby.     

What is it about event promotion that you enjoy that you don’t get from DJ’ing?

Monkey Safari: We had our start in the music industry in promotion. We have been running a club called Charles Bronson for seven years now and also ran a lot of other events before that. It’s a completely different style of work within the industry, which we find really interesting and important. We try to give something back and work for the scene and club culture in our hometown. It’s a lot of additional work, often difficult, and sometimes we asked ourselves why we do it…but it’s an important platform for young producers and DJs to perform and develop. It makes us happy to see up-and-coming artists who are now able to DJ and produce as a result of our club and the network we introduced them to.

Do you ever fight over what music to play?

Monkey Safari: Of course we do! Not frequently because we’re brothers and have a similar spirit and understanding of music, but we’re also two different individuals. So yeah, from time to time we definitely disagree about music.

If a fan were to buy you a drink, what should they buy you?

Monkey Safari: Gin & Tonic with cucumber and pepper for Sven and for Lars a Moscow Mule, please!


What has been the most surprising set/experience for you musically and why?

Monkey Safari: Sigur Ros live a few years ago. There were thousands of people sitting in front of the stage, smiling and crying at the same time. That’s music from another dimension!


What is your favourite thing about touring?

Monkey Safari: If we have the time, we try to dive into the bar culture of each city. There are so many differences around the world in regards to how people drink and spend their time together and it’s lovely to experience that.


We are really looking forward to having you join us at the Manor of Magic! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us. We’ll see you in South Africa.