Real Name - Lesego Chez


Country - Pretoria, South Africa


Music Style - Drum & Bass


Why is he important?

Local bass scientist Chee erupted in 2016 when Dutch label Underslung picked up his Shrodinger EP for release. His sonic innovation quickly caught the attention of prime heads in electronica, and soon a collaboration with Noisia opened doors even further. Chee already boasts an impressive back catalogue for someone of his tender years and with a new release on Division Recordings and support from the likes of Craze, Moody Good and Bassnectar already in the bag, he’s no longer knocking on doors, he’s kicking them in across the planet.


Why have we booked him?

Chee’s breakneck beats pop up as staple in the sets of locals and international like CTEMF Alumni Noisia, Ivy Lab and many more meaning he’s one of SA’s heaviest bass exports.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes:





Real Name - Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa


Country - Limpopo, South Africa


Music Style - House


Why is he important?

Teaching himself the twin disciplines of production and DJing was only the beginning for Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa aka Da Capo. With early submissions gaining the ear of Nick Holder and DNH records, the trajectory of this house music auteur was quick and assured. International dates followed and Capo recently released his second album, Indigo Child, to massive acclaim locally and internationally. His deep, spiritual take on house music has become instantly recognizable as he cements his reputation as one of SA’s best exports.


Why have we booked him?

As a continuously rising star in one of the strongest house camps in the country, arguably the world, Soulistic’s Da Capo has been impressing us for years.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes:





Witness the launch of a brand new experience at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, the CTEMF Music Fair.

We’ve challenged some of SA’s finest collectors of wax to share their best Electronic releases. Local and international; new and old.


Integral to global music culture, the excitement of searching for hidden gems has fuelled the collector’s spirit since the first vinyls were pressed. Get there early to browse in peace and when you’re done, make the most of the extra space on one of our dancefloors.

For a better idea of what will be on display, head over to Roastin’ Records, Voom Voom Music, Positive Spin Records or The Other Records Facebook and Instagram pages.


A testament to the unbeatable and nostalgic quality of vinyl, CTEMF Music Fair will take place in the centre of the main Festival from 3 PM - 8 PM on Saturday 07 April,



The main stage is hallowed ground for CTEMF. It has hosted the likes of DixonGoldieFour Tet among many more stellar electronic music acts. This year we are proud to announce that Red Bull Music, has helped curate a world class line up. Red Bull Music unites 20 years of initiatives in music. It is a program that celebrates music, its culture and the transformative minds behind it. With multiple festivals, music education workshops, collaborations with artists and thousands of initiatives across the globe, it is with great pride that we share the full Red Bull Music stage line up for CTEMF 2018


Check out the RED BULL MUSIC line-up times below:





As we build up to the CTEMF festival weekend, it’s time for the 7th installment of CTEMF Open End.

A series of free workshops and info-sessions curated by Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, the event takes place at Red Bull Studios on 3, 4 & 5 April 2018. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect day by day.


Tues 03 April

Artist 2.1 - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Open to Creatives Only)

Up-and-coming musician, DJ or producer? Join us for a day of workshops focused on rising creatives in the local music industry. 

Get insights from artist manager, business owner and all-around music industry powerhouse from Black Major - Sevi Spanoudi. Listen to Zethu Gqola explain the power of social media and PR; and learn from Legalese, entertainment legal team, as they shed light on your rights and power as an artist, promoter, manager or publisher in today’s industry landscape.

Space is limited so we ask that anyone interested please RSVP to studio@za.redbull.com with the following info:  

  1. Your artist/band name and what kind of music are you making
  2. Why you are interested in attending the sessions


Discussion With Deetron - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Like his native Switzerland, Deetron occupies a genre-neutral position in his kaleidoscopic DJ sets as he oscillates effortlessly between House, Disco and Techno. We welcome the man himself to CTEMF Open End for a discussion on how he stays inspired and what informs his turntablist approach to live performance.


Wed 04 April

Musician Mechanized: The South African Music Machine - 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

South Africa presents artists with a very special set of circumstances, quite different to the global dance music scene. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of local pioneers to break down how they constantly push the boundaries of our growing industry and set the pace for the rest to follow. 

Engage with Globalise Yourself Stereo, a media outlet and music production crew with 400+ online radio shows, who’ve forged a path that’s distinctly their own.

Absorb the wisdom of Jerry Brand, whose work as the manager of YoungstaCPT and brand manager of Y?Gen has broken the mould, carving a unique place for himself within the context of what a Cape Town artist can do.

Plus, get to know Atiyyah and Grant of Future Nostalgia, who will divulge their 5-year journey from an almost completely self-sustained DIY event to one with a large, loyal following.


Not Sorry Club Sessions: Future Fit Events - 4.30 PM to 6:00 PM

A hands-on workshop with Anthea Duce and Stacy Reynecke from Not Sorry Club.

This interactive session is all about nurturing safe, fun and creative spaces like our industry was initially built on. Explore the current landscape and be part of developing a positive, collective vision - a roadmap for inclusive Electronic music events in South Africa, to direct the way forward.


Discussion With Alton Miller - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM 

Somewhat of an unsung hero in the electronic music movement, Detroit’s Alton Miller has played a fundamental role in House music for more than 2 decades. Find out about Miller’s journey, from his beginnings as a founder of the club Music Institute in Detroit circa 1988, to touring alongside Derrick May and working for Transmat Records.


Thurs 05 April

Track Search - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Introduced at CTEMF Open End 2016, Track Search is a showcase open to any music makers and artists. Everyone is invited to bring one or two songs on a memory stick or CD for us to hear. Give us your details and we'll invite you to come up, play a track, tell us about yourself and what you're doing.

Connect with the Studio, other open-minded artists and musicians, and you could find yourself in a conversation with head Red Bull Studios Engineer Ryan Sullivan. 

JOOX, one of the title sponsors at CTEMF 2018, will also give a talk and product showcase on their new platform - a way to have your music actively pushed and heard.


The Hardware of Hi-Tech - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

 While millions enjoy electronic music, too few know its remarkable history. Since its origin in Chicago during the 1980s, it’s had a profound influence on all modern music, culminating in genres such as Techno, Drum and Bass and Trance, to name just a few.

It ushered in a cultural revolution and changed the way people look at expressing their sounds. With affordable drum-machines, CDJS, mixers, synthesizers, samplers and sequencers to create and push emotion, it opened doors to new frontiers.

Join us as we look at some of the innovative companies, past and present, whose exciting technology and product options made it possible.


First Thursday at Red Bull Studios - 6:00 PM onwards

An exciting addition to the CTEMF calendar, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is taking over Red Bull Studios for First Thursday.

Join us to take home exclusive CTEMF merchandise. Inside we’ll be screen printing CTEMF T-shirts, selling tickets to the main festival weekend and soaking up live sets from Terrence Pearce and Pierre Estienne. Everyone who buys a ticket on the night will get a free CTEMF T-shirt, and if you have a ticket to CTEMF already, we’ll give you 50% off the T-shirt of your choice.

 If you can’t make it keep your eyes peeled for the CTEMF First Thursday street team. They’ll be giving away spot prizes, like tickets and merchandise.


© Photo by Jonathan Ferreira





Real Names - Pierre Estienne / Dave Durbach / Paul Waxon


Country - Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style - Kwaito / House


Why are they important?

Dedicated crate diggers and cataloguers of South Africa’s forgotten electronic music archive, and DJ combo extraordinaire, Kwaitour comprises seasoned selectors: DJ Okapi, Paul Waxon and Pierre Estienne. Their performances resurrect the early, effervescent bass rhythms of township bubblegum, expertly melded with its modern descendents: kwaito and house, for a new audience eager to contextualize the global afrohouse explosion.


Why have we booked them?

Kwaitour is a veritable musical dream team for us. Paul Waxon, DJ Okapi and Pierre Estienne take listeners on a multi-dimensional view of the South African sounds that have played such a huge part in their careers - past and present. Bubblegum masters, Kwaito connoisseurs and the finest South African funk and soul purveyors. We can’t wait!


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to Pierre Estienne's Kwaitour Mix:



Watch DJ Okapi's Boiler Room set:



And check out Paul Waxon on Mixcloud:




Real NamesJakinda Mshindi Boya / Ayema Qampi


Country - Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style - Kwaito / House / Gqom


Why are they important?

Welding gqom, hip hop and house together in the furnace of Cape Town’s loxion underground can produce incendiary results. Ayema Probllem’s hard boiled rhymes and Jakinda’s explosive production combine to form Stiff Pap. Delivering blistering live performances that sound every bit as polished as the tracks they release, Stiff Pap have  won accolades such as winner of the Afropunk Battle of the Bands and a place in the Okayafrica Top 30 Hip Hop Albums of 2017.


Why have we booked them?

Stiff Pap have honed their sound separately between Jakinda and Ayema, and the two coming together is a match made in heaven. Their live show is razor-sharp and delivered like a bomb. We’re so excited to be a part of these young artists’ ongoing journey.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Our favourite set:



Behind the scenes with Stiff Pap:




Real Name - Natalie-Rose Perel


Country - Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style - Electronica /House / Techno


Why is she important?

The complex infusions of bass and melody that percolate through the post-glitch landscapes of Rose Bonica belie her status as a relative newcomer to music production. Mentored by Big Space, her co-label head at Wet Dreams Recordings, her sound carries a maturity and confidence that sets her apart from her contemporaries and promises much for future releases to come.


Why have we booked her?

It’s strange to think of a time that Nat Perel aka Rose Bonica wasn’t known for her music production, because it quite quickly became such an organic fit for her. Her process, sound and aesthetic are refreshing and honest - raw, unapologetic and straight to the point. She is definitely one to watch in years ahead.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Check out her debut EP 'Rosy Disposition':



Watch the music video of our favourite track:




CTEMF has partnered with JOOX for the 2018 edition of the festival and to celebrate we’re giving away the weekend of a lifetime.

Four lucky friends will win a VIP weekend at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2018 worth R30,000. The prize includes a personal chauffeur, festival tickets, accommodation, return flights to Cape Town from anywhere in SA, backstage passes, and spending money!

CTEMF has curated an incredible line-up, featuring some of the scene’s biggest names, rising stars, and leaders of the avant-garde. All who attend will bear witness to an incredible journey of electronic music over 3 days and across multiple stages when we open the doors on 6 April 2018.


For a taste of what’s to come, treat your ears to the CTEMF playlist on JOOX - absolutely free for the first month.

One of the world’s best music streaming technologies, JOOX has a massive library of artists and genres from across the globe. The perfect partner to help us shine a light on South Africa’s amazing talent.

To enter, download JOOX and register, submit your details on the Red Bull/CTEMF competition page and pick CTEMF as your party of choice.


For more info, watch the video below:





P.S.: JOOX will be setting up an awesome VIP deck at the Outdoor stage at the festival. To stand the chance to win ticket upgrades, stay tuned to our social channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



We are proud to finally announce our full line-up for the 7th edition of Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2018: