CTEMF Connect 001

We’re super proud to present our first CTEMF Connect EP!


CTEMF Connect 001 is the result of an incredible collaboration with Siphe Tebeka, Ubiza Wethu and Pierre Johnson.

It’s been great to work with these three up-and-coming DJs during CTEMF Connect 2018. They’re full of talent and energy. This EP is a showcase of their skills and a testament to the value of the programme.

It’s a big deal to have music released by Universal Music. Keep your eyes and ears open, because Siphe, Ubiza and Pierre are about to become household names.

Invisible – Siphe Tebeka feat. Shirah
Dot – Ubiza Wethu
Intuitions – Pierre Johnson

It won’t be long before these killer tracks pulse through dancefloors all over the country. And remixes are already in the works! In the meantime, enjoy the EP and stay alert for more info on the CTEMF 2019.

Here's the EP

Enjoy !



The seventh edition of CTEMF saw us continue our efforts with CTEMF Connect. Now in its fifth year, the program identifies local DJs with potential but are held back by limited resources. We then aim to fast track their careers and help them fulfil that potential.

Western Cape-based producers and DJs Ubiza Wethu, Pierre Johnson and Siphe Tebeka, have released their first joint EP through our CTEMF Connect program, in partnership with Universal Music, music streaming service JOOX & Red Bull Music.

“We are proud to have sponsored this year’s CTEMF Connect programme,” says Thabiet Allie, Chief Commercial Officer of Music at Tencent Africa. “One of our key goals as JOOX is to assist in nurturing and growing the local music industry by partnering with festivals, events and non-profit organisations, such as the CTEMF Connect programme and others, who all care about local music as much as we do.”

The CTEMF EP, which is released through Universal Music, and now available via the JOOX app, features ‘Invisible’ by Siphe Tebeka featuring Shirah, ‘Intuitions’ by Pierre Johnson and ‘Dot’ by Ubiza Wethu, with remixes to come.

“It’s been epic to have had the chance to assist these producers by accelerating their careers through our focused workshops,” says David Ireton from CTEMF. “Keep an eye on each one of them; they’re about to disrupt the SA electronic music scene. We’ve got no doubt that they’ll be part of the fabric of local music culture before long.”

CTEMF Connect wouldn’t be possible without the sponsors we’ve received phenomenal support from. Huge thanks goes out to JOOX, the principal sponsor of this programme. This is the first time we have received financial support and its had a huge impact.

Thanks also goes to Red Bull Studios, who gave us financial support as well as access to the Red Bull Studios, where we held workshops, and recorded this EP.

We’re incredibly grateful to Tuerk Music, who provided big discounts on the gear we got for the artists. This included two Korg synths for Pierre and Siphe and an entire home studio for Ubiza Wethu. They also supplied free FL studio sessions and a pair of Technics HDJ 1200 studio headphones for each artist.

Then there’s MADE Agency, who provided us with writing and design expertise, workshops, project management and helped put together electronic press kits for our artists. And lastly, the talented Ian Skene, who shot all our press pictures.

Download JOOX on iOS and Android and start streaming this EP exclusively until the 5th of October, after that the EP will be available on all major music stores.

CTEMF 2019 tickets go on sale in October 2018 - stay tuned..!



Real Name - Lwazi Asanda Gwala


Country - Durban, South Africa


Music Style - Gqom


Why is he important?

If you’ve been caught up in the feverish energy of the gqom explosion over the last two years, DJ Lag is probably the man you have to thank. Taking the uniquely Durban sound to the international stage via an appearance on Boiler Room, Lag also caught the attention of London-based label Goon Club All Star who released his EP in 2017 to wide acclaim. Recently his self-released EP 'Trip To New York' achieved notoriety in the press over claims that it had been copied by another artist, but this only served to cement Lag’s reputation as the undisputed king of gqom.


Why have we booked him?

There are certain artists who exude passion and an infectious star quality when they play and Lag is the epitome of this. One of the young founding fathers of the gqom movement and one of the very few taking the genre to the world, we are massive fans of Lag and can’t wait to watch him shutdown that Outdoor stage.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes:

Listen to his self-released EP 'Trip to New York':





Real Names - David Lawrence Dix & Cassiem Latief


Country - Cape Town, South Africa


Music Style - House


Why is are they important?

Collecting the disparate strands of Cape Town’s dance diaspora under one roof every month is no mean feat, but the WeHouseSundays monthly has emerged as the flagship event for the city’s house music culture. This has largely been as a result of the tireless work of Cassiem Latief and Lawrence Dix, who, with partner Leighton Moody have curated an institution that celebrates the inclusivity inherent in the roots of house. Hailing from Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively, and both DJs of reputation and expertise, their knowledge and love of the genre engenders fanatical devotion from their audiences and ensures the respect of the artform is alive and well.


Why have we booked them?

Separately Dix and Cassiem are torchbearers of the Cape Town house music and between them they curate spaces like Colourbox and True Music and are the spearheads rebind the We House Sundays movements.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes:

Check out Lawrence Dix' mix for WeHouseSundays:



Also listen to Cassiem Latief's resident mix:





Real Name - Lesego Chez


Country - Pretoria, South Africa


Music Style - Drum & Bass


Why is he important?

Local bass scientist Chee erupted in 2016 when Dutch label Underslung picked up his Shrodinger EP for release. His sonic innovation quickly caught the attention of prime heads in electronica, and soon a collaboration with Noisia opened doors even further. Chee already boasts an impressive back catalogue for someone of his tender years and with a new release on Division Recordings and support from the likes of Craze, Moody Good and Bassnectar already in the bag, he’s no longer knocking on doors, he’s kicking them in across the planet.


Why have we booked him?

Chee’s breakneck beats pop up as staple in the sets of locals and international like CTEMF Alumni Noisia, Ivy Lab and many more meaning he’s one of SA’s heaviest bass exports.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes: