Real Name – Artur & Batish


Country – Ukraine, Kiev


Music Style – Electro / Techno


Why are they important?

Thanks to a string of highly charted releases Artur and Batish have launched themselves out of their hometown of Kiev onto the international circuit with impressive velocity. Redefining a big room tech house sound, whilst retaining their underground ethos has led to considerable interest from the major players at labels like Diynamic and Suara and Artbat stand poised to accelerate their breakout success in the months to come.


Why have we booked them?

Artbat are set to layer CTEMF in a sound which is a stark contrast to the clinical, cold city which come from in the Ukraine. Their driving, melodic and considered techno productions are perfect for a Friday night closer.

It’s been a running trend at CTEMF that the new kids on the block arrive and blow everyone out the water. We’re pretty confident Artbat is no exception.


Recommended Tracks/Mixes

Listen to their newest release:


Our favourite track: