Month: January 2018



Real Name - Greg J. Boussard


Country - USA, Los Angeles


Music Style - Hip-Hop / Electronic / Old School / Rap / Dance


Why is he important?

Original West Coast innovator, Uncle Jamm’s Army recruit and pharaoh of the 808, Egyptian Lover’s output is an freaky infusion of p-funk, hip hop and classic electro antiquities. Relentlessly anti-digital, his all analogue performances on decks and drum machines channel the raw essence of an early hip hop show for a modern audience eager to immerse themselves in the history of his electronic artform.


Why have we booked him?

We saw Egyptian Lover play at the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia last year and he blew our minds! His DJ sets are a perfect blend of where classic hip-hop, funk and electro  meet, added to exhilarating moments created by skillful scratching and when he stops to drop some of his own lines. He was the best act at the festival and we knew then that we had to have play at CTEMF.


Recommended Links

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Real Name - Michael Amato


Country - France, Grenoble


Music Style - Techno / Electroclash


Why is he important?

The Hacker has been a constant throughout two decades of the French electro renaissance. Partnering early in the new millennium with Miss Kittin, and releasing a influential stream of dark, synth driven new wave techno ever since on labels like Correspondant and his own Zone imprint, Michel Amato eschews popular trends to concentrate on bringing audiences the best of past, present and future in his panoramic, pitch black DJ sets.


Why we booked him?

Hacker travelled to South Africa previously where he played both in Cape Town and Jo’burg.  When we hosted a CTEMF floor at the Reunion Island festival Electropicales last year, we saw him play again. His performance was electrifying and he worked the crowd effortlessly exploring the roots of
techno and the various sounds it has evolved into. We were amazed at his
ability to seamlessly move between sounds and were reminded about how incredible
he is. In Cape Town we have not heard many acts like him. Because of this, it’s a treat for local audiences every time he comes down.


Our favourite tracks and sets

The Hacker playing at The Lab in Sydney:


Also check out his Boiler Room DJ Set here: