Month: February 2017



We are very excited to be hosting Pierre-Marie Oullion, artistic director of Nuits Sonores Festival at our CTEMF workshop.

We had a chat with him to find out a bit more about him and why he is coming up to CTEMF.


Pierre can you tell us a bit about your role at Nuits Sonores?


As part of the founding team of the festival, I am in charge nowadays of the artistic team of Nuits Sonores and for all our other activity.

Nuits sonores is more than a festival now, we built a cultural venue, an agency, a forum and we organise events across the planet.

I coordinate the team and I would say that my job is nearly the same as Chief Editor in the media field. With my partner I try to build some artistic guidelines, storytelling in all our proposition. I also intend to connect all our content to all range of production and services.

My job is really relevant with a high perception the global and artistic context. It is important to understand the new habit and where our society goes. To propose some surprising, sharp and newcomer artist you must known very well your territory and at the same time the strong artistic flux that crossing your time.


We are bringing you up to share some of your knowledge at our workshop at Langa, but also coming to watch some South African artists perform at CTEMF. Do you know of any South African artists at all?


I knew a little bit of Kwaito style, Shanghaan Electro. The seventies’ South African music is really amazing. But the new scene, that mixing those influences with house music has become stronger here than in Europe. Like Black Coffee, Culoe or Dj Mujawa, Ben Sharpa etc...

South African music for me is part of the Black Atlantic genre: a music that travels the ocean to South and North America!


Have you ever been to Cape Town? Have you heard anything about the music scene in South Africa?


It will be my first time I expect a lot of surprises and a lot of digging.


Can you tell us about your other projects ‘EuropeanLab’ and ‘We Are Europe’?


Both projects are born from this idea that cultural change making is the way to create a missing European identity.

Europe is a unique peace territory and brings us in a strong era of exchange.

Those project are finally about how we could change the cultural face of EU and how the youth is bringing some great reflections about the future.


Pierre-Marie is going to be  talking at our Langa workshop on the 9th of February 2017.



The Electronic Ecosystem


The Association For Electronic Music is a non-profit trade association created to represent the interests of companies and individuals in Electronic Dance Music. Representative from AFEM, Kavir Magan will be joined by Pierre-Marie Oullion, from Lyon based music festival Nuits Sonores (brought to us by IFAS) and Jesler Amerins from ADE. They’ll chat about the global electronic music industry and the role South Africa has to play, before answering questions on the topic.

We would like to thank IFAS (Institut Francais - South Africa) for bringing our Pierre-Marie and allowing us to grow as a festival, they have always been great to us and we look forward to growing the scene further with them. IFAS Aims to promote cultural and intellectual links between South Africa and France and this is a beautiful example of just that.