Month: October 2016



CTEMF has always been about two things when it comes to picking our artists. We strive to bring you a selection of the best electronic music that South Africa and the rest of the world has to offer. We also endeavour to curate a lineup that gives our attendees the opportunity to experience completely new genres of music, to hear new sounds, and to share a dance floor with music lovers you have never danced alongside before.

Creating a rich and musically diverse lineup is as important to us as the incredible mix of culture that permeates our crowd. This part of the CTEMF experience separates us from other festivals, and anyone who has spent a weekend at one of the events will know what this feels like.

We have traditionally separated our musical program across the three days of the festival with a very rough rule of thumb. On Friday we bring you the best techno. Saturday is bass and hip hop. And Sunday is for the house music lovers, with the biggest names in the South African industry music sharing a stage alongside luminaries from our favourite international labels.

This is a winning formula, and we’re not planning to change it anytime soon, but offering individual tickets to these three days contradicts our CTEMF philosophy, and we feel it encourages segregation of the audience. To embrace the musical diversity that makes CTEMF so special, we have decided to promote all three days with equal emphasis. We want you to think of CTEMF as one experience.

We’ve shuffled the line ups around, and made epic provisions in the layout of the festival, ensuring that no matter when you arrive during the course of the three days, there will be something to blow your mind. Whether it be a sunset boogie at our famous Terrace Stage, or throwing down during a late night session at the new and improved Club Floor.

Of course, this has implications for the price of tickets. We love our CTEMF crowd so much that we’ve done the impossible and made our full price Weekend Pass cheaper than last year. We’ve also taken it a step further and made a limited number of presale Weekend Passes available for just R350 each in the week leading up to the first lineup announcements. Act fast, because the price of tickets will return to normal as soon as we drop our first round of headliners.

The CTEMF 2017 Weekend Pass includes access to all three days of the core festival program at the City Hall, as well as access to the industry workshop program spanning the three days before the festival.

We hope this means an even more immersive and diverse festival experience for all of our attendees.

See you on the dancefloor!

Photo by Jonathan Ferriera



It’s been a long winter, and with festival season finally kicking off again in South Africa, we thought it would be fitting to reminisce a little about the last time we rattled the roof Cape Town’s City Hall with some of the finest electronic music in the world.

What better way to do that than with the official CTEMF 2016 Aftermath Film - a masterpiece of motion and poetry that so perfectly captured the essence of what CTEMF is really all about.