Established in 2012 as a platform for South Africa’s burgeoning electronic music culture, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival has gained international recognition for being one of the most relevant and forward-thinking events on Africa’s music festival calendar, where international pioneers and innovators share the stage with the bright lights of the South African scene, while the inner workings of this rapidly growing industry are unpacked and explored through a prestigious workshop program.

The festival takes place over a busy 6 day period in central Cape Town, and offers attendees the most diverse program of electronic music available in the Mother City. We believe the CTEMF crowd is one of the best in the world, and there are few other festivals that boast such diverse audiences alongside an unparalleled dancefloor vibe.

The 6th edition of the Cape Town Electronic Music festival happens between the 7th and the 12th of February 2017.


CTEMF Location

Tradition and modernity collide as CTEMF is hosted at Cape Town’s iconic City Hall for the third year running. Steeped in history, the entrance of the city hall played host to Nelson Mandela’s first public address as a free man. The venue is an expanse of grand Edwardian architecture, set against the backdrop of the city’s crown jewel, Table Mountain. Get lost in a maze of marble statues and winding staircases as you explore our four dance floors over the festival weekend.


CTEMF Connect

CTEMF Connect is the name given to our annual outreach program, focused on socio-economic empowerment through opportunities in electronic music. Every year we take on a small group of CTEMF Connect ambassarors - future stars of the South African music industry who undergo an extensive program of industry-focused workshops and training aimed at building the skills and insight required for a successful career in music.

Ambassadors are hand picked from dozens of up-and-coming DJs and producers, and over the weeks leading up to the festival are given attention from industry expers in a wide range of fields:

• Personal Branding & Marketing
• Press Photography
• Creating a Successful Press Kit
• Social Media Best Practice

Our ambassadors are also given precious time at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town with the studio’s head sound engineer, where they are instructed on the basics of studio operations. Willing participants are also assisted in developing applications for the Red Bull Music Academy.

CTEMF Location

In addition to the ambassador program, CTEMF hosts three full days of free industry workshops in the festival week. Workshops take place at the Red Bull Studios in central Cape Town, and Guga S’thebe in Langa. The workshop program begins on the 7th of February 2017.

CTEMF Location


CTEMF Location

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